I need your opinion on a fundraising idea, tumblr.

I’m trying to think of different ways to use my artsing skills to make money for my top surgery, so I was thinking, what if I created a webcomic that was a weird/fantastical representation of my life or something codedly trans related. And what I would offer in return would be if you donated X amount, you could be a cameo character in the series. A higher amount would give you a speaking role, an even higher amount would get you a minor character for a chapter, so on so fourth.

Would that sorta thing fly? Thoughts?

As I said, in order for me to make more money for my top surgery, I’m going to do   Art Commissions! Now, this is going to be a little different in that you are going to get something regardless of how much you give.
$1-$20 gets you 500x500 px or any size equivalent to that in area. (400x600 px, 750x250 px, etc.) [Size Reference]
$21-$50 gets you 800x800 px or any size equivalent to that in area. (400x800 px, 650x550 px, etc.) [Size Reference]
$51-$100 gets you 1000x1000 px or any size equivalent to that in area. (800x1200 px, 640x1360 px, etc.) [Size Reference]
Now, for those wondering why use Chip-In when I could just use paypal, I would like to exhibit transparency in this matter, so as you can see that I am not lying to anyone about the amount of money I am making from these and what not. (I am currently re-evaluating my commission system.)We can discuss commissions before any money comes into play, but I won’t progress past the draft phase until the money has been deposited. Please also talk to be about what you would like to buy before hand because I might not be able to draw that or want to (this is rare, but entirely possible).For any questions (can you draw _____?), complaints (I don’t like your commission system) & miscellaneous comments (hi :D), just message me through the ask box or you can email me at alek.weber@yahoo.com.
For more Sample works, see my Art Tumblr & My DeviantArt.
The art itself isn’t really related to this blog, but I quickly doodled this for a fandom thing, and I just wanted to show you, this is 500x500. You could get something like this if you give me as low as $1. /wink wink nudge nudge
Commission details here.